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Hi everyone, we are Royce and Courtney two kiwi shepherds from the Land Of The Long White Cloud (New Zealand). For over the past year Royce has been writing down our adventures to keep family and friends up to date. From New Zealand to Europe, then onto England, Ireland and back to England, where we are currently basing ourselves. Living and working in the United Kingdom we are writing this blog to share the realities of living, working and trying to travel and experience culture in a sustainable, healthy way. We are trying to create a ‘free range’ lifestyle that gets us out the metaphorical gate into new and exciting opportunities and experiences. We hope you will join us!


This blog is our personal adventures through the written word, photos and videos. We want to share our experiences, struggles and golden moments all with a kiwi farmer spin. So sit back, get comfy, put your reading glasses on and read on to find out how we have got on so far from the grassy hills, and peace and quiet of rural Aotearoa. ((Ao-tea-roa) Maori name for New Zealand)

 Thank you to all our current and new followers and please send us a message if you have any suggestions. We are still on the hunt for a name for the van and our next stop come August is Sziget festival in Budapest!!

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