The Castle that held the King Prisoner!!

So we finally managed to visit Carisbrook castle, which happens to be down the road from where we are living at Cheverton farm.

Carisbrook castle has always been the most important strong hold on the isle of wight, sitting atop a hill with a commanding view of the surrounding area it. The first motte-and-bailey was built by the Normans in 1100 ad. Built up and added to over the years and even refortified as an artillery fortress in 1597- 1602 with a perimeter of over a mile. the views from the walls are amazing with the interior and out walls being carefully restored and looked after. the castle houses a museum, cafe , castle history zones and a working donkey wheel driven by donkeys kept at the castle.






The English civil war between the royalists and the parliamentarians fought between  1642-1651. This was a rebellion of lords dissatisfied with the king and wanted to be able to decide their own laws. So a War was fought to decide if England should still be a monarchy ( have a king or queen) or be a democratise. After the war which the king lost he was held in this castle for almost 2 years through 2 failed escape attempts until he was trialled and executed on the mainland.


up and up


we are going to be on the Isle for another month or so, until late November.  The Isle of wight feels a lot like new Zealand in culture with a few differences. The major difference being the sheer number of people crammed into a tiny place. The other being the accessibility of things like clothes and food shops, which Courtney is liking very much. we are off to Ireland next to spend Christmas with aunt Katie and her daughters plus aunt Megan from NZ.

That’s all for now, leave a like or comment so I know who has been and enjoyed the righting. let me know if you would like to know anything or for me to write about anything. cheers.


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